Individual Presentations

24 Dec


Be prepared to give your 4 minute presentation (and 1 minute Q&A) on January 5th(although you might present on January 12th or 19th). Think about all the skills we have practiced this semester and try to incorporate them into your speech. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!


Preparation and Practice

16 Dec

During this week you should do your research, make your outline, prepare your visuals and think about audience questions.

We will be practicing our 4 minute presentations and 1 minute questions/answers in the next class.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Brainstorming and Organization

9 Dec


During the next lesson (12/15) we will spend time brainstorming your topics and organizing your ideas to prepare you for presentation practice on 12/22. Remember: our final presentations will be 1/5, 1/12 and 1/19. For homework, please think of two different topics that you might want to do for your final presentaion. It’s a good idea to choose topics that are very different from each other and that are focused. Please write your 2 topic ideas in the comments.


1 Dec

A speech that you give without any preparation is “improvisation”. These can be the most difficult kind of speeches, but also the most fun!

Next class we will learn how to improvise with some tips and lots of practice.

Watch the video of an American student named Tam deliver an improvised speech. The teacher gives him the topic “Pokemon” and he has to make a speech. The topic then changes during his speech to “Pikachu” then “spells” and the teacher keeps changing the topic. Click HERE to watch then tell me what you think in the comments.

Let’s try it next class!

**Start thinking about the topic you might want to do for your final presentation**

Fillers and Gestures

18 Nov

In the next class (December 1st), we will practice using gestures & fillers as well as answering questions from the audience in our next class. Please watch this VIDEO and write your reaction in the comments.

Ice-breaker Speeches

10 Nov

Next class we will practice “ice-breaker” speeches. There are 5 different kinds and the topic is about YOU! Here are some different styles of ice-breakers:

Year by Year (tell about your life from birth until today)

Your Interests (tell about what you love)

Common Theme (something that constantly happens in your life)

Key Event (tell about an important event in your life)

How I Got Here (talk about decisions and events that got you to TUFS)

Also, click HERE to watch a video of a man named Sanjay give an ice-breaker speech. Then write a comment on our blog about what you liked or noticed about Sanjay’s speech. What does he need to improve?

Group Presentations

28 Oct

Next class we give our group presentations. You don’t need to leave a comment, but please email me if your group needs help or has any questions. Good luck and see you on Tuesday!!

*REMEMBER: next class is 11/10*