Group Presentation Preparation

20 Oct

In the next class (October 27th) you will be put into a group and given a topic for your group presentations on November 10th. Please look at the topics below, choose one, and in the comments give us some ideas you have about that topic. For example – focus the topic, give advice on how to research it, tell us an idea for visuals, what would be a good opening, etc…


Preparing for disaster

Learning a foreign language




Blood donation


Research and Openings

13 Oct

Matt Harding went all over the world and made videos of himself doing funny dances with local people. Click HERE to see his video.

Then Matt did a 5-minute speech explaining how his “silly dance” videos were organized. Click HERE to see his presentation.

Please write a comment about what you think of the video and his presentation  – especially his opening. Remember to write your name and T2 or T3.

Next class we will learn about researching topics and how to make a good opening for your presentations.

Eye Contact, Voice and Building Confidence

6 Oct

Everybody gets nervous speaking in front of a group. Next class we will do some exercises that will help with eye contact, having a strong voice and building confidence to lessen the fear of speaking. Watch the exercises this acting class does HERE. We will try the “bragging” and “I can see that you are…” activities in our class too.

Also, please choose ONE question and answer in the comments. Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear immediately, sometimes it takes several hours before it comes up. Remember to put your name and either T2 or T3.

1. Why do you get nervous speaking in front of people?

2. Have you given a speech in front of a large crowd before? What was it like?

3. Do you have any ideas about how to prepare yourself before a speech so that you are not so nervous?

Email me at if you have questions or problems leaving a comment.

Individual Presentations

17 Jun


Be prepared to give your 4 minute presentation (and 1 minute Q&A) on June 23rd (although you might present on June 30th or July 7th). Think about all the skills we have practiced this semester and try to incorporate them into your speech. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

Preparation and Practice

9 Jun

During this week you should do your research, make your outline, prepare your visuals and think about audience questions.

We will be practicing our 4 minute presentations and 1 minute questions/answers in the next class.

Let me know if you have any questions!


3 Jun

A speech that you give without any preparation is “improvisation”. These can be the most difficult kind of speeches, but also the most fun!

Next class we will learn how to improvise with some tips and lots of practice.

Watch the video of an American student named Tam deliver an improvised speech. The teacher gives him the topic “Pokemon” and he has to make a speech. The topic then changes during his speech to “Pikachu” then “spells” and the teacher keeps changing the topic. Click HERE to watch then tell me what you think in the comments.

Let’s try it next class!

**Bring two ideas for presentation topics to next class. We will brainstorm them and you will choose one**

***OOPS! I told Riku and Koki they had to practice their presentations tomorrow – that’s not true! Please tell them I made a mistake… SORRY!***

Fillers, Gestures, Questions and Answers

27 May

We will practice using gestures & fillers as well as answering questions from the audience in our next class. Please watch this VIDEO and write your reaction in the comments.